Who Owns Sparsholt - A Townies Guide to What's Happening on the Land


Find out whether the Queen still owns your land, who used to own it, what your neighbours paid for theirs, why slavery was rampant in Britain a thousand years ago, what farmers get in subsidies, what the Forestry Commission is up to, what Muntjac deer look like, why we plant opium in England, how many changes there are in a peal of bells, how to get rich with a metal detector, where horses go to die, what dene holes are - it's all here, because what's happening in Sparsholt is replicated throughout the land. 

Above all, this book is a plea for improved access to the land for those of us who like to walk on it, with a look at land taxation as a means to this end. 

Book size A5, with 226 pages and incorporating 20 colour illustrations

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